The Director-General message

Dear visitors,

This site that we place at your disposal has for us many meanings, the least of which is to be just a few clicks from the lovers of Mauritania, and those that chance, a desire to be elsewhere or a healthy curiosity, will have led through the door to another universe. A space located between Sahara desert and Atlantic Ocean with its unforeseen flavors and scents,   the traditions of generous hospitality and its peoples’ tolerance, the harshness of its winds, the softness of its coastline, a rich cultural heritage, the natural environments of true beauty.

The evolutions, but especially the interpenetrations of the civilizations constantly enriched by multiple cultural contributions, have favored the emergence of a "Mauritanian Culture".

Visting Mauritania means   "living" the imprints of such wealth.

The launch of the website is also a symbol. It coincides with the restart, in a new dynamic, of the "Desert product" activities which are the historical beating heart of Mauritanian tourism. The season 2017-2018, will experience, as early as  December, charter flights connecting Paris to Atar, thanks to the sustained action of the national authorities and the faithful support of our strategic partners among them I will mention the prestigious tour operator of the Point-Afrique.

If the desert is one of the largest and also one of the most beautiful gates that led you to the Mauritanian open space, there are other places that will give you access to other rustic or colorful universes but still enriching and entertaining:

The ancient cities of Chinguetti, Ouadane, Tichit and Oualata, listed as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage,  located on the south shore of the Sahara, pearls of resplendent necklace that elucidate the diurnal and confusing darkness of this immense desert.

The coastline, the fishing ports, the Imraguen community villages and, especially the Banc d'Arguin, at the intersection of the sea and the desert, a huge natural park classified as a World Heritage, where the desert, sea fauna and birds from all over the world are miraculously connecting the earth, the waters and the clouds in a perpetual blaze of colors.

Last but not least, the river with its meanderings, its legends and mysteries, the Diawling National Park at its mouth and dozens of villages anchoring at its banks.

I invite you to visit our website, to enjoy each of its heading and pages and to share with us your impressions and suggestions. Then, come and visit us.

                                                             Marhaba (welcome) to Mauritania!

Mohamed Mahmoud Ould BA OULD NE