Administrative procedures

Entry and residence arrangements

 You must be in possession of a valid passport, a visa and a vaccination card (yellow fever not compulsory but very strongly recommended for stays longer than 15 days). The anti-malarial treatment is highly recommended for the southwestern part of the country on the shores of the Senegal River (see your doctor).

- Visas are issued by the Mauritanian diplomatic and consular authorities as well as at the borders and at the international airport of Nouakchott Oumtounsy.

  - Residents in Mauritania (stays of more than three months) holding a valid residence permit are exempt from visa for their comings and goings provided their stay outside Mauritania does not exceed six months.

- The importation of foreign currency is free, provided to declaring it to the customs services at the entrance and presenting the corresponding exchange receipts when leaving the territory.

- Any entry of a vehicle is subject to the presentation of a customs passage booklet. In the absence of this document, the deposit of a security guaranteeing the regulatory duties and taxes will be required by the customs office in case of the sale or the transfer of the vehicle. This security will be returned at the time when the vehicle actually leaves the territory. Any transfer of vehicle is subject to the payment of customs duties. The corresponding discharge must be presented when leaving Mauritania.