Which season to choose?

Normally, you can visit Mauritania all year long; the weather is frequently hot and dry. The best period is from November to February (winter. there is also sometimes sand winds from mid-January but it is a cool time (20 to 25 ° C), the days are hot and sunny and the evenings cooler thanks to the southern winds.

In the desert, there are very large temperature variations between day and night. In winter, nighttime temperatures can reach zero degrees Celsius. From April to September, it's really hot; the temperature is particularly high in May and June, it even exceeds the 40 ° C limit.

The rainy season from July to October (called the wintering) is an original moment where we see the dunes covered overnight with a light green veil and the wadis turned into a torrent! The rest of the year, Mauritania has an arid but cooler climate. On the coastline "Nouakchott and Nouadhibou", the ocean and the trade winds soften temperatures. South to the Senegal River region, the climate is tropical dry.

In sum, the best period extends from November to April. Avoid the month of May, unless you particularly like tornadoes of sand and hot wind.