The culinary culture in Mauritania is based on traditional products: a lot of mutton, goat or camel meat, because of attachment to livestock.

On the seaside, there is more variety in the dish: since Mauritanian waters are among the most fish-bearing in the world, Fish is therefore more and more consumed. Tieboudienne (rice with fish) or Tiebousauce (rice with fish sauce) are the most common traditional dishes.

Dates are one of the most important nutriments of Mauritanian food, often served at the beginning of a meal soaked in fresh cream or goat's butter.

The main dishes are:

  • Al-keçra, a pancake made from wheat flour or barley baked in the oven or in previously heated coal sand
  • Marouwilham : rice with meat
  • Kuskus (Gommu), primary food source in most parts of the country, it is prepared with the flour of millet, wheat or barley
  • Al mechwi: meat cooked in the sand (hofra, oven)
  • Lattiri : a very fine couscous prepared from sorghum or millet flour and even rice eaten sprinkled with tomato sauce and accompanied by meat or fish or spinach and vegetables or only with fresh milk or sour milk (yoghurt)