Handicraft market

In Nouakchott, at the market, let you find clothes and other fabrics (The marché Capitale, the largest in the city, is located by Kennedy Avenue). Nearby, at the central women's handicraft shop, you will find many traditional items made by women

Behind the fort of Ksar, let yourself visit the workshops of the handmade carpet factory of Matis,. The National Carpet Office is in the same area. Visit its factories and training center. You can still order an original carpet and have it delivered at home.

In front of the Moroccan mosque south of the marché Capitale, enjoy the freshness of the fruit market. If you go down to the south, you'll find molten glass pearls and Malian batik loincloths. 7 km south of Nouakchott, on the road to Rosso, the jewelery handymen market offers a comprehensive selection of jewelry. Go and visit theses manufacturing workshops.

In Oualata, go to the Women's House where you can see handicrafts from ancestral traditions.