Bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Nouakchott is the capital of the country since 1957.

Nouakchott is the symbol of the multicultural dimension of Mauritania. In fact, an intermingling of different Negro-African and Arab-Berber ethnic groups provides this city uniqueness in Africa. And all over the city there is a large concentration of accommodation, apartments, modern buildings, restaurants and shops of all kinds. A peculiarity of Nouakchott is that its groceries and clothing stores are open until very late at night.

The artisanal fishing port, the vegetable gardens (oases of several hectares in the heart of the city), the Central Market and the National Museum are the main centers of interest of Nouakchott. And of course not to be missed, the Ksar, the oldest neighborhood of the city, where the aviator Saint-Exupéry spent his nights.

Several walks can be done near the city on the Atlantic coast and several tours are possible from Nouakchott: by the beach towards the Banc d'Arguin National Park, by the “route de l'Espoir” towards the hinterland and by the northern roads to Nouadhibou or Atar ...