Richat structure

Located in Mauritania, the Richat structure or "the eye of Africa" is an exceptional geological structure located in the Sahara Desert.

Approximately 50 kilometers in diameter, it has longtime intrigued scientists before they find its origin. If you fly over the Mauritanian Sahara one day, you will certainly see an amazing structure stand out from the landscape, like an enormous eye pointing to the sky, "the eye of Africa". More known under the name of structure or dome of Richat, this formation is located near the city of Ouadane , it can be seen from the skies, and even from the space.

Discovered a long time ago, the structure of Richat was visited since the 1950s by scientists before being revealed on a large scale by one of the American space missions, the Gemini. At that time, the astronauts were greatly marveled at the atypical characteristics of the structure. Superimposed circles of several tens of kilometers in diameter forming a kind of a giant ammonite